Calle Las Lengas 450 - Lago Posadas

Pcia. de Santa Cruz - Patagonia Argentina

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From the village and passing the Provincial route. No. 39 gravel road after approx. 7 km., it begins to glimpse Lake Posadas, turquoise waters, and a little ahead, Lake Pueyrredón, deep blue waters. Both separated by a thin strip of land or peninsula of 5 km of extension and 200 mts., wide. Various natural viewpoints located on the north bank of these lakes mirrors allow enjoy panoramic views, to record their admiration along the entire route. In this stroll, a stop along the way, among others, to enter the enigmatic Stone Arch, an exceptional natural rock formation of 40m long, located on the eastern shore of Lake Posadas. A representative icon of the place.

Duration 1 day.


In this pristine mountainous region, it stands beautiful and sovereign, on many other minor peaks Cerro San Lorenzo with its 3706 meters in the highest peak in the province of Santa Cruz. To the same can be accessed from the village, following exploratory tours of Father Alberto de Agostini, first to climb this giant in the 40 decade, a glacier descends from the north slope of the hill, forming a small lake 600 meters, from which is born gold river. Soft pastures and forests of Lenga, accompanying the river in its upper course, subsequently, its valley facing east, through a narrow and deep canyon where the river is disarmed in a succession of rapids and waterfalls, an area known as La Garganta of Gold River, stunning natural beauty.

Duration 1 day. (To the lower valley of gold)


In the northeastern region with an extension of approximately 160 kilometers, this road is the highest in the Province of Santa Cruz communicating the locations of the ancients and Lake Posadas from Route 41 for gravel road. To enjoy and to be surprised at the same time with a real range of landscapes and colors in a single incomparable setting, from the purest steppes to the dense Patagonian forest, through very curious geological whims, transits one of the circuits of high mountain most beautiful and less known in our country. It is advised to check road conditions before leaving.

Duration 1 day


Important archaeological site, which allows us to look to the knowledge about how the ancient inhabitants of the region lived. It consists of a large rock wall 250 meters high on its remarkable shape exhibits glacial traces, with some inflections, eaves and small caves at its base. In the place you can appreciate important manifestations of rock art, as well as different lifestyles belonging to those before the Tehuelche Indians, inhabiting the area about 3800 years ago. Located just 3 kilometers from the village, together with the recognized forms and neighboring Cave of the Hands, the most prominent archaeological tours of Patagonia. Visit only with authorized guides.

Duration 1/2 day.


Both lakes, Posadas and Pueyrredón, as well as the area near the mouth of Gold River, an area home to abundant fish fauna, represented by different types of salmon, perch and Patagonian silverside. Enthusiasts of this activity, in various forms, trolling, spinning and fly casting, can thus enjoy and relax, with a choice of interest. All this added to the scenic appeal, makes the area of Lake posadas on a new paradise for those fishermen to find destinations not frequented.


European immigrants hunters of gold, disillusioned, adventurers and political refugees, among others, were the brave pioneers who settled this region to the early 20th century Remaining fascinated by the extraordinary beauty of the place and the sense of freedom that transmited the large uninhabited spaces. With very few means they must rely at all on their own, from a first refuge where to shelter, to the assembly of the enclosures for the animals, and even the manufacture of wagons which carry an annual bales of wool to the ports of the Atlantic coast. This pioneering spirit, his legacy can still be seen in different rural local places even in cases of old abandoned posts strategy. Inescapable is part of the rich cultural heritage that we have received, we must claim it.

Duration 1/2 day.


The Cave of the Hands site is in the area of Alto Rio Paintings. It includes the eaves, cliffs and caves, with the presence of cave paintings, which shows a comprehensive occupation of the area, by collectors hunters throughout 9,000 years of history. Declared by UNESCO World Heritage Site, from 1982, it is now, an obliged visit, without doubt, and of the most impressive to all our senses. From Lake Posadas, and through the immeasurable geomorphological wealth of RPNº39, reaching the RNNº40 mythical, you reach the village of Bajo Caracoles, from there, and touring new landscapes, just 50 KM., we enter the canyon of Rio Paintings.

Duration 1 day.