Calle Las Lengas 450 - Lago Posadas

Pcia. de Santa Cruz - Patagonia Argentina

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The Richard's family - originally from the province of Buenos Aires - treasures in its life history, trips of reconnaissance for the whole Argentina. From the extensive and high valleys calchaquíes, passing through the Mesopotamian jungle up to the most desolate and remote Patagonian corner.

In the year 1999, the brothers Ariel and Paul Richard's, made a trip of exploration to the area of the Mont San Lorenzo - sovereign king of this mountain range region – following the paths and historical tours of the Father Alberto Maria De Agostini, when he climbed for the first time this colossus in the '40s.

Their courage, and boundless curiosity, took them to pass places still unexplored by men in this region. Chile and Argentina.

Without thinking it, years later, that crossing would change the course of their lives.

After a short time, the idea was born: RIO TARDE Casa Patagónica.